Friday, November 13, 2009

Recommendation from the Finance Committee to Restore Arts Funding! « Stop the BC Arts Cuts

Recommendation from the Finance Committee to Restore Arts Funding! « Stop the BC Arts Cuts


· Restore the budgets of both the BC Arts Council and the arts and cultural community component of the Community Gaming Grants Program to at least the level of 2008/09 to allow the arts community to begin to build upon the legacy of the 2010 Olympics. The 2010 Olympics provide our province with such a wonderful “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to showcase not only the athletes, but the breadth and depth of arts and cultural activities that make British Columbia such a great place to live, work and visit. Without at least the level of funding provided in 2008/09 it will be next to impossible for the arts and cultural community to seize the opportunities presented by the 2010 Olympics.

· Develop and announce a long term strategy to strengthen the support for the arts and cultural community of British Columbia as the province works it way out of the current fiscal difficulties. The BC150 Cultural Fund has provided a valuable foundation, and we are very grateful for this long term support, even as present rates of return have diminished the current impact of this source. At the same time many private donors have
reduced their support for all not-for-profit organizations, only compounding the financial issues facing most arts organizations. The arts community is looking for a more positive attitude and increased visible support from government.” (Jane Danzo, B.C. Arts Council, Written submission 670)

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Miners, farmers, forestry workers oppose cuts to arts and culture in BC

I've discovered this great web site that features

fantastic images of workers in the sectors of Mining, Farming, Forestry, Pulp, and Small town businesses protesting cuts to arts and culture in BC
• downloadable stickers protesting the cuts

Check it out!

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