Monday, September 28, 2009

BC Arts Cuts 'Devastating' Says Tory Minister

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Is this duplicitous? The Canadian Minister of Heritage, whose ministry is responsible for cutting the lifeline to the "Specialized" Music Recording Program, tells us the arts should be supported by government?

He says, in this article:

"There's a strong fiscally conservative argument for supporting the arts," Moore added, explaining that writers create things of social and economic value out of little more than their own knowledge and imagination. Moore said the cultural sector employs 650,000 people in Canada, twice the number employed in either forestry or agriculture, and he declared that infrastructure without the kind of activity that artists provide is "culturally and economically soulless."

Is this the same man who thinks that no musical art should be supported unless it is successful in the marketplace first? If he actually believes what he is saying is true, then one might reasonably come to the conclusion that he is not familiar with the cultural and arts programs that his government has cut, or that he is duplicitous. What exactly is James Moore's position on Canadian Heritage and Culture? Hard to figure it out.

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