Monday, October 5, 2009

Stephen Harper sings Beatles With a Little Help From My Friends

Click on the title to watch the video.

What this means to me.

Stephen Harper can sing a song! Just like millions of Canadians, he sings his favourite songs. He wants you to know how HUMAN he is, unlike the stiff image that is sometimes presented in the media.

Some say this is evidence that Harper's a nice guy and we should give him a break on his policies. I say it just proves that music is universal and that countless politicians with objectionable policies like to sing and/or appreciate the arts. (I also think this particular appearance is a branding/market strategy that likely comes out of the Harper war-room.)

Singing a song on stage with a famous popularizer (Yo-yo Ma) does not change the cultural fallout from Harper policies. One could also say this is more evidence why CBC Radio 2 is now the Singer-Songwriters' network.  (Remember that the Board of Directors of the CBC is appointed by the Prime Minister's Office.) I don't think Canada's cultural life should be defined by the likes and dislikes of the Prime Minister and his party, do you?

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